Top 5 Kirby Attachments for the Ultimate Deep Clean

Top 5 Favorite Kirby Attachments For The Ultimate Deep Clean  

Known for their amazing suction, Kirby vacuum cleaners are known for being both powerful and practical. These sophisticated cleaning systems can easily remove debris that might, otherwise, be left behind by other vacuums. The impressive results are evident when cleaning rugs, carpets, or even hardwood. Often-forgotten corners and crevices can also show significant improvements.

The key to reaching these tough-to-target spots are the versatile Kirby vacuum attachments and accessories, which can easily be locked into place and then used to clean a variety of surfaces. These dramatically expand your Kirby's functionality, ensuring that the vacuum provides a powerful and thorough clean on every surface, whenever and wherever it's needed.

Utilizing a full collection of attachments will ensure that it's always easy to reach difficult spaces or remove difficult forms of debris. It can take some experimentation to determine which attachments are right for certain situations, but this effort is well-rewarded: once the right attachments have been determined, attaching and using them is extraordinarily simple. These can easily be built into an everyday cleaning routine or added occasionally.

Many Kirby attachments are automatically included when investing in a new vacuum cleaner. The Kirby Avalir 2 cleaning system, for example, comes equipped with fifteen separate attachments. Previous models were also commonly accompanied by a wealth of attachments as well. Additional tools and attachments can be purchased on their own to expand any home cleaning system. 

However, it’s important to know which attachments are the most useful in the average home. Listed below are some of the most commonly used Kirby attachments for thorough cleaning, along with effective techniques to ensure a superior clean.  

Duster Brush

The Duster Brush is a versatile tool that excels in removing dust from a wide range of surfaces. Its soft bristles are designed to clean without scratching, making it ideal for delicate items like glass tables and intricate woodwork. Regular use of this attachment can significantly reduce the amount of dust in your home, leading to a healthier living environment.

Crevice Tool

Long, narrow, and capable of fitting in the most awkwardly shaped areas, the crevice tool is a must for hard-to-reach crevices but can also be used in low spaces: underneath furniture, under car seats, and other areas that are otherwise difficult to target. This heavy-duty attachment is capable of breaking up difficult crumbs and other debris.Avalir2-CanisterMode

Explore multiple types of crevice tools for various Kirby vacuums. Some are flexible to deliver even greater maneuverability and many also come equipped with small brushes, which reveal a unique "attachment on an attachment" concept: the brush can be added when dirt needs to be removed from select corners or even sliding window tracks. 

Surface Nozzle

Light and easy to maneuver, the Kirby surface nozzle attachment is designed to reach under furniture while the vacuum is in canister mode. It features a low profile and has wheels that allow it to easily navigate hardwood floors. No matter where it's needed, this helpful tool is easy to attach and effortless to use. 


Kirby-Lifestyle-2455The Zippbrush is an air-powered spinning attachment that specializes in removing pet hair from furniture and carpets. The spinning action helps lift hair and dirt, making it easier for the vacuum to suck them up. This tool is also effective for cleaning stairs and corners where larger vacuum heads can’t reach. Its compact size compounds its effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to your cleaning toolkit.


Utility Tool

The Kirby utility tool for hair and dirt is a versatile solution that can optimize vacuuming in a variety of settings and situations. It's equipped with dozens of tiny teeth or knobs, which help to loosen stubborn pet hair or other materials. While many users rely on this for removing pet hair from thick shag carpets and other difficult-to-target areas, it is also highly recommended for cleaning vehicle interiors. 

Make the Most of Kirby Attachments

Achieve a complete clean with Kirby accessories. They provide a dynamic experience, offering effective strategies for reaching even the trickiest spaces that a regular vacuum might miss.. Equipped with these attachments, it's possible to achieve a truly deep clean that makes the entire home shine!

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