How to Get Back to a Cleaning Routine for Spring

After a long winter, even the most beautiful homes can feel cluttered and congested. A fresher space can make a huge difference, but finding the motivation to clean may be difficult. Holiday events often pose challenges, but illness, vacation, and the everyday stresses of life can also disrupt plans.

It's never too late to adopt a home cleaning routine—or to bring one back after taking some time off. Ideally, this effort will be guided by a daily cleaning schedule and a weekly checklist tailored to your personal and household needs. Starting a cleaning routine can feel daunting, but the outcome will be worth it. Here are some impactful tips to kickstart your spring cleaning:

Consider Wins And Losses From Previous Cleaning Routines

If the goal is to return to a previous cleaning routine, it's worth considering whether that routine was helpful. Before drafting a cleaning schedule template, consider which aspects of the former routine were most helpful and difficult to follow. 

Tackle Seasonal Cleaning Concerns

person-s-hand-vacuuming-dirty-return-air-vents-2023-11-27-05-16-48-utcRoutines can be completed daily or weekly, while others only require seasonal or annual attention. Identify these sporadic tasks and determine whether any are required.

Beyond decluttering and, hopefully, donating unused or unwanted items, seasonal tasks to address might include:

  • Clean vents
  • Clean behind large appliances
  • Clean baseboards
  • Deep clean the oven 

Adapt the Routine for Spring

african-american-adult-using-steam-on-ironing-tabl-2023-11-27-04-49-34-utcAfter tackling the major tasks, it's time to focus on the daily habits contributing to clutter, chaos, or a beautiful home environment.

The usual approach may no longer cut it. Routines that work wonders during winter are often less suitable for spring, especially as mud and allergens take over. Minor tweaks can deliver a better spring cleaning routine and lasting results.

There is no one way to create a spring cleaning checklist, but often, a well-rounded home cleaning routine will encompass these key elements:

  • Clean dishes and wipe down kitchen counters
  • Empty the garbage and recycling bins
  • Do at least one load of laundry per day to avoid falling behind
  • Clean litter boxes and other pet areas
  • Vacuum floors and rugs, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Sweep the floor or use a multi-purpose vacuum system that accommodates hardwood or tile

Divide Cleaning Routines Into Small and Manageable Tasks

changing-bags-in-kitchen-2023-11-27-05-20-42-utcCleaning routines can seem overwhelming at the outset, but breaking these efforts down into smaller parts can make it easier to accomplish your goal. This is especially important when establishing a cleaning routine for working parents, who have limited opportunities to address the major sources of messes.

Spring cleaning strategies depend on personal needs and preferences. Some benefit from focusing on one room at a time, while others find it easier to use five—or ten-minute bursts to maximize cleaning motivation.

When returning to a previously abandoned cleaning routine, it's best to adopt the practices that have proven most motivational while adapting routines that have previously led to procrastination. Learn from past mistakes and experiment with small changes that can enhance motivation and results. 

Get Household Members Involved

Cleaning should be a shared responsibility, so partners, family members, and roommates need to be involved in planning and implementing a routine. Encouraging their input is important as it increases the likelihood of them following through with essential cleaning, decluttering, and organizing tasks.

Household members should know what is expected of them on a daily and weekly basis. Many will happily meet these expectations if they have the right cleaning tools and solutions and if they receive acknowledgment for their effort. 

Enhance Routines With High-Powered Cleaning Equipment and Solutions

The best cleaning routines are consistent and purposeful. However, the right equipment can expedite these tasks and make sticking to a particular cleaning routine easier. Simple switches can make a huge difference, both in terms of cleaning quality and motivation.

People are far more likely to clean tile and grout more frequently if they have access to vacuum-based cleaning systems (such as the Kirby Avalir 2) designed to tackle multiple types of flooring. Similarly, others enjoy using vacuum attachments and accessories or powerful cleaning solutions. 

Use Rewards to Stay Motivated

Upgraded equipment can expedite critical cleaning processes, but extra motivation may also be helpful. This looks different for each person: some prefer to usher in the spring months with high-energy soundtracks, which are fun to listen to while cleaning.

Others may need more significant rewards to tackle major spring cleaning initiatives: a nice meal out with the family or a special date night after partners address cleaning essentials together. Of course, the big picture must also remain at the top of one's mind: there is no reward like relaxing in a sparkling, clean home, which will feel as fresh as spring. 

Discover the Simple Satisfaction of a Spring Cleaning Routine

Spring cleaning can provide a powerful opportunity to start fresh with an organized and welcoming home environment. The best routines are the most consistent, so anything that can be continued for the long haul can make a huge difference. 

Any adjustments that make cleaning more enjoyable during the spring months will be well-rewarded with a beautiful, fresh-smelling home and a dose of spring serenity. Take some time to research the best schedules and cleaning equipment before making strategic upgrades. Remember the power of a tailored spring cleaning routine.

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