Before And After Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist: Tackle Turkey Day Cleaning With Your Kirby

Do you get the honor of hosting the annual Thanksgiving get-together? From decor to entertainment and, of course, food, there's a lot to handle in a short time.

Now, add the stress of deep cleaning to the mix. It's only natural to feel overwhelmed. And procrastination will only make matters worse, however, so it's important to get started as soon as possible.

Kirby Vacuum on carpet

To help, we've compiled a countdown to Thanksgiving cleaning checklist. This should keep you on track as you prepare not only for turkey day, but also for the holiday season in general. We'll also demonstrate how on Thanksgiving, Kirby vacuums make life easier.

Are you ready to get started on your before-Thanksgiving cleaning checklist? Follow these steps to make your home shine for the holidays:

Invest in the Right Tools and Solutions

First, survey your cleaning supplies. The right equipment can expedite an otherwise time-consuming process, so you definitely won't want to skimp. This key step should be completed by Halloween, so you have plenty of time to invest in new supplies if necessary.

When in doubt, a comprehensive cleaning solution is preferable. If you're the proud owner of the Kirby Avalir 2, this is your vacuum's time to shine. Your trusty Kirby vacuum will handle not only the carpet, but also, hardwood, tile, and even upholstery. Keep it maintained throughout the year so it's ready to tackle major messes in time for Thanksgiving.

Kirby Avalir 2 deep cleaning carpet and flooring

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, check that your vacuum is working properly — and that you have all the attachments or accessories you need for cleaning every nook and cranny. Depending on the scope of your cleaning regimen, you might need the ZippBrush, the air pump, or the hard floor brush roll.



Clean One Room at a Time

It's tough to stick to one task when so much needs to be tackled. If you strategically divvy up all the essentials, however, you'll find that each space gets cleaned a lot faster and more thoroughly. Many people prefer to start with the messiest space. In some cases, however, it may be more helpful to deal with the area that will see the most use on your big day. 

Don't Just Clean the Dining Room

As you determine which areas to tackle — and when — don't neglect the more purposeful rooms in your home. Even if guests don't spend much time there, these spaces should be ready for meal prep, coat storage, or overnight guests. The kitchen, in particular, needs extra attention, as this will be your base of operation in the lead-up to Thanksgiving Day. 

Go From Top to Bottom

With each room, follow the time-honored tenet of effective cleaning: start near the top and work your way down. In most cases, you'll see the greatest impact from following this simple order of operations:

  • Start with a long-handled duster for the ceKirby's hose attachment makes it easy to dust and declutter your home.ilings and upper walls. Don't forget about ceiling fans, which tend to gather dust.
  • Once the walls are dust-free, follow with a thorough washing. A simple solution of water and dish soap will typically suffice.
  • Clean the windows, curtains, and blinds. If possible, complete this step with a high-level vacuum attachment.

Finally, use the beloved Kirby to clean your rugs and carpeting. If you're committed to deep cleaning, this is a great time to make the most of the shampoo system. This will take care of embedded dirt and debris so your carpets look fresh.

In the kitchen, you'll follow a similar approach, but with extra soap and water for the counters or specialized cleaners for your appliances. Later, you'll need a mop — or better yet, a tile and grout cleaning system — for the floor. 

Cleaning After Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving messes take a lot less time to appear than they take to clean up. After hours of exhaustive cleaning, you'll be amazed at just how quickly your home can fall into disarray as guests arrive. Thankfully, these messes are largely surface-level — so once you deal with those crumbs and clutter, you'll still enjoy the benefits of your previous deep cleaning efforts.

Use the Kirby with Tile & Grout Brush Roll installed to easily clean tile floors.

Again, the right equipment will streamline the post-Thanksgiving process. Timing also matters. As tiring as it may seem after a long day, you'll save a lot of time in the long run if you immediately start a load in the dishwasher, wipe the dining table, and complete a once-over with your vacuum cleaner. A high-quality vacuum such as the Kirby Avalir 2 should expedite this final step. Look closely for stains, as these might also need addressing before they set in. 



Discover Newfound Gratitude for Your Kirby This Thanksgiving

With a detailed plan and excellent supplies, Thanksgiving cleaning can be a breeze. You'll be amazed by just how enjoyable this process can be when you're properly prepared. Start developing your own holiday cleaning checklist today — and be sure to get your trusted Kirby home cleaning system in on the action. Don't be surprised if you feel downright grateful for the many cleaning shortcuts your Kirby system allows you to take! 

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