Benefits of Spring Cleaning | How Cleaning Can Improve Health

There is something deeply therapeutic about opening the windows to fresh, spring air while cleaning out a season’s worth of household dust! Spring cleaning has the ability to help shake off the winter doldrums and prepare for a new season of growth and outdoor excitement! Not only will you and your family benefit from a fresh home, but your home will benefit from it too. Luckily, your Kirby system and cleaning products will give you reassurance your Spring cleaning is done right!

  1. Cleanliness produces happiness for all! Obviously no one enjoys the process of cleaning per se, but the end result will guarantee smiles! A clean home can increase your mood and reduce depression!
  2. Spring cleaning helps you breathe better. And if you have a Kirby system, you’re in luck because of its proven Micron Magic HEPA filtration traps allergenic particles, everyone in your home will be breathing better! Every Kirby is designed to facilitate the strongest airflow possible by pulling and trapping dirt and debris deep within your floors, which then reduces dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen and house household debris.
  3. Decluttering can go a long way! The best part of Spring cleaning is getting rid of the old and donating it to a good cause or a home in need. And if you read January’s blog, you can learn a thing or two from the art of tidying up your home, Marie Kondo-style, and which Genuine Kirby cleaning products will help you accomplish tidy up your home.
  4. Liven up your Spring cleaning! Open a window to the fresh air, birds chirping and sun shining! Doesn’t that sound nice? Try playing some fun music while cleaning, too. Recruit your family members and tackle one room at a time.

Now that we’ve convinced of some of the benefit, here are some helpful attachments that will assist you in your Spring cleaning this season! From hard to reach places to the nooks and crannies, Kirby systems come with a variety of attachments that will come in handy!

  1. Zippbrush – Meet your new best friend. This bad-boy is great for couches, carpeted steps and other fabric furniture. (Owner manual p.26)
  2. Duster Brush – This attachment is great for removing dust from contoured or irregular surfaces! (Owner manual p.24)
  3. Crevice Tool – Use this handy tool with the brush to remove dirt from corners or window tracks. Remove the brush to clean areas such as cracks, crevices, small corners, grooves and narrow openings. (Owner manual p.24)
  4. Wall and Ceiling Brush – We all see those cob webs starting to form at the top of a book shelf. This attachment will be help you reach tough spots like door frames or ledges. (Owner manual p.24)

Make sure to use our How-To Videos in the Support tab for more guidance on how to best use your Kirby system for your Spring cleaning!

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