Tips to Avoid Tracking Dirt | Preventing Dirt in the Home

What is the best kind of dirt? The type that never enters your house in the first place! Dirt you don’t have to clean up after the kids come running inside or after you’ve started the seasonal yard work is dirt in its proper place! And one of the best ways to streamline a clean home is to cut the mess off at the source. Here are some tips and tricks to keep that dirt outside where it belongs!

  • Have a no shoes policy. Who wants to wear shoes in the house anyway? Gross! Asking you family and guests to remove their shoes before entering the house is a great way to keep the dirt outside away from your freshly vacuumed or mopped floors. Make sure to have a basket or shoe-shelf for your guests to place their shoes as a “hint, hint” to remove shoes while you’re in the house.
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  • Use only one door. Maybe this rule doesn’t apply year-round, but when it’s bad weather outside consider using only one door for people to use when entering the house. This will minimize the areas and doorways you clean and easily track footprints or dirt tracked in the house.
  • Sweep your sidewalks. Weather can be unpredictable with wind, rain, and snow, and can cause a mess on the walkway to your front door. Keeping those commonly used walkways clean will minimize the chance of unwanted dirt being tracked in. The same goes for patios, garage floors and outside door mats. A quick sweep is all you’ll need!
  • Keep your furry friends’ paws trimmed. If you have outdoor pets, ask your groomer to trim your pet’s paw hair to remove the fur from between their feet. This will reduce wet or muddy footprints on your floors and furniture!
  • Try our Pet Stain & Odor Remover Carpet Cleaner for dirt and grime build up on your floors!
  • Put out a welcome mat. The bigger, the better! A nice, thick rubber door mat might not match your overall décor, but it will help protect your entry way against dirty or muddy shoes. This doesn’t just include your front door. This includes the door from the garage to the back door coming in from the back yard.
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With these tips in full force, you’re bound to keep your home fresh and clean, free of dirt! Well, mostly free of dirt. Make sure to check out our online shop for all your cleaning needs this season! Happy cleaning!

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