Top 5 Dirty Things In Your Home That You Aren’t Cleaning Enough!

You work hard to keep your home pristine, but it's far from perfect. While you've been busy focusing on the most visible surfaces, dust and grime have lurked in hidden spaces. They contribute to musty odors, allergen exposure, and many other issues.

You know something's not quite right, but you're not sure where the biggest culprits are hiding. At this point, you're wondering: What are the dirtiest places in your home?

This is when the concept of out-of-sight, out-of-mind is not particularly valuable. No, you might not see hidden dirt or debris every day, but that doesn't mean you should be content to let it remain in your home. As you uncover and deal with the dirtiest places at home, you'll be pleased to discover our routine can remain as easy as ever. Start with these crucial areas: 

Under Furniture


Take a look under the beds and sofas in your home, and you may be astounded by how much clutter and dust have accumulated over time. Now, think carefully: When did you last actually give this hidden space the attention it deserves? Chances are, it's been several months — or perhaps, well over a year — since the areas under your furniture have seen a vacuum, mop, or broom.

Don't let a fear of moving furniture or bending over keep you from cleaning this neglected space. The right vacuum cleaner can make a difference, as it will ideally include attachments that allow you to access difficult-to-reach areas easily.

Your first attempt at vacuuming this area may be a bit more difficult if it has received little attention in the past year. However, if you keep at it, you can clear all that dust and dirt away. Moving forward, plan to clean under the furniture at least once each month.

Frequently Touched Surfaces

It makes sense that if you touch a specific surface several times per day, you would also make a point of regularly cleaning that area. However, high-touch areas tend to be the most frequently neglected. Various surfaces qualify for this category, although this designation may vary somewhat from one home to the next. The top areas worth addressing include:


  • Door knobs
  • Drawer pulls
  • Light switches
  • Remote controls
  • Keyboards 
  • Electronic devices



Air Vents and Air Filters

Air vents and filters must be cleaned regularly to ensure your HVAC system works properly. Neglect these, and your heating and cooling will become much less efficient. In addition, failure to address these could have huge implications for your home's air quality.

You'll know that cleaning is required if you observe visible buildup. However, preventative cleaning is preferable, so aim to dust or wipe down vents at least once every six months. An annual deep clean may also be necessary.

When cleaning, turn off your HVAC system and remove the vent covers. You can wipe these down with a microfiber cloth, but you'll see even better results using the right vacuum attachment.


You visit the fridge multiple times per day to grab snacks, but how often do you actually wipe it down? Over time, crumbs and even odors are likely to accumulate. Thankfully, cleaning your fridge should be simple: just wipe it down with a washcloth and warm, soapy water. Be mindful of drawers, corners, and crevices, where grime is especially likely to collect.

You'll almost certainly need to take all the items out to get a truly deep clean. Feel free to keep these in a cooler or a mini-fridge if you're worried about them spoiling during the cleaning effort.

After a major wipe-down, you can probably get away with cleaning around items for the next several sessions, mainly if you clean your fridge at least once a month — accompanied by a deep clean once every season.

Other Kitchen Appliances

The refrigerator is by no means the only kitchen appliance to suffer when you fall behind on your cleaning regimen. Your microwave and oven also need attention — and, depending on how frequently you use them, they may need to be cleaned far more often than your fridge. Since microwaves are susceptible to splatter, once per week is a good rule of thumb for wiping them down.woman-cleaning-a-modern-stainless-steel-appliances-2022-12-16-11-15-25-utc

Self-cleaning ovens are a dream come true, but you have to actually go through with the cleaning process. This will depend on the type of oven, but steam and high-heat mechanisms are common.

Self-cleaning typically takes a few hours and will ideally be completed once every few months. If this option isn't available — or if you prefer the DIY approach — you can find excellent cleaning solutions in the store or create your own with vinegar, water, and baking soda.

Just a Few Minutes – That’s All It Takes!

professional-janitor-cleaning-kitchen-appliance-wi-2021-12-09-21-54-00-utcThere are a lot of nooks and crannies to consider when you clean your home, but that doesn't mean the process needs to feel overwhelming. We've highlighted the five dirtiest places in your home, and thankfully, these are generally easy to tackle. Commit to a few minutes every day, and with the right equipment and mindset, your entire home will be squeaky clean!

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