Seasonal Kirby Cleaning Checklist | Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

For most people you can attribute your Thanksgiving sleepiness to eating too much turkey. However, if you host a holiday event, you can attest to the real sleep culprit. A lot goes into the prep work for Holidays; planning, shopping, cleaning, cooking and hosting!To keep you at ease and your house as clean as can be, your Kirby will come in handy during throughout the holiday season. A little preparation can make holiday clean-up much easier on your stress level, your house Kirby clean, and guests happy and comfortable!Here are some cleaning capabilities your Kirby system has that will help you best prepare for the holiday!

  • Thanksgiving dinner is always the most intense and messy before the actual dining commences. All of the prep work that goes into preparing the turkey to making grandma’s homemade cranberry sauce, it’s a whole lot of work for a whopping 10 minutes to devore it all! Have no fear! Your Multi-Surface Shampoo System can mop up any mess that falls on your floor once you’re done prepping. Learn more about its capabilities here!
  • If out of town family members or friends are staying over for a few days, tidying the guest room(s) is a must! Your Kirby can be converting into a handheld to clean the mattress before they arrive. Learn how to convert your Kirby here! In addition to cleaning the mattress, place fresh towels and stock up on toilet paper in the guest bathroom.
  • Last but certainly not least, vacuum porches, mudrooms, foyers, and common living spaces. With guests come allergies galore. If you have pets, your Kirby Zipp brush will remove hair embedded deep into the couch and carpeted stairs. Less pet hair, less sneezing! Learn about the Zipp brush capabilities here!

After you’re done preparing for your guests and the dinner, it’s time to eat and celebrate with your closets friends and family! However, we all know messes happen during the celebration! Here are some go-to Genuine Kirby products that can tackle most spots and stains!

Once you have your handy-dandy spot removers, you will be set. Don’t let holiday cleaning stress you out. Plan ahead with your Kirby system and cleaning products in mind, and you’ll be wowing your guests with the calm and grace you display, all while enjoying good food and company!

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