Our Helpful Guide To Maintaining The Cleanest House On The Block

There’s truly nothing quite like the comforting embrace of a fresh and clean home. But sometimes the effort involved can feel overwhelming. The right system and the right equipment can expedite the process and achieve a pristine home that's the envy of all your neighbors. Enjoy some helpful tips and tricks — plus insight into the enduring value of a house cleaning plan. 

Create a Cleaning Routine

A clean house requires a plan. Develop a realistic routine and cleaning schedule that you can actually follow.shot-of-a-young-man-cleaning-a-surface-with-a-chil-2023-01-12-22-50-44-utc

The goal is not to get your home clean in the short term, it’s to create a weekly cleaning schedule that will keep it looking beautiful all of the time. With routine house cleaning, the process should feel effortless — as if you've put essential cleaning tasks on autopilot. Of course, while you're encouraged to stick to the schedule, it's also helpful to get in the mindset of cleaning as you go.

As your cleaning routine is established, remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and why. This could be as simple as posting a home cleaning schedule somewhere highly visible — plus a system of tracking who does what, and when. 

Upgrade Your Cleaning Equipment

No matter how well you stick to your home cleaning daily schedule, you'll only get so much accomplished if you lack high-quality equipment. If you're feeling stuck, start to research high-level tools that expedite the process.black-woman-cleaning-room-2022-12-16-00-19-57-utc

When in doubt, look for a comprehensive system that tackles several areas of your home in short order. Ideally, this will take the form of a high-powered vacuum that includes a variety of attachments for targeting specific nooks and crannies. These all-in-one cleaning tools should also include a carpet shampooer and an option for cleaning tile, grout, and hardwood.

Don't forget to purchase targeted solutions designed to make cleaning a breeze. These are available for a variety of surfaces and are meant to instantly cut through grease, grime, and a variety of other concerns. You will be amazed by how much faster your surfaces start to shine if they're tackled with the right cleaning solutions. Odor eliminators are also essential, particularly if you have pets. 

Clean Smart, Not Hard

Excellent equipment certainly helps, but you need to use it at the right time and in the right context. This is where you may need to be willing to ditch bad habits you've held onto through the years. Replace them with clever solutions that help you make the most of your house cleaning routine. Top strategies for cleaning smart include:


  • Clean from top to bottom to limit the potential for accidentally kicking up dust.
  • Establish no-shoe policies and other strict rules to prevent kids and pets from tracking dirt into the house.
  • Place storage containers and other conveyances where they are most convenient: recycling bins near the doorway to catch junk mail, for example.
  • Save time by doing two things at once. For example, run the dishwasher while vacuuming — or do a load of laundry while dusting. 

Reward Yourself

A stunning home is a great reward in and of itself, but you may occasionally need a little extra motivation to stay on track. Transform cleaning into a goal-oriented process by creating rewards for accomplishing key tasks that you normally dread. This is also a great option for getting cleaning-averse household members involved in the process.

Accountability is also important. For some, taking an occasional photo helps. Others find that regularly inviting guests over keeps them accountable; they may be satisfied to lead a cluttered life on their own, but inviting the neighbors has a way of encouraging a deep clean.

Be aware of what, exactly, serves as effective motivation — and don't be afraid to use these tactics when they're needed most. Build these into your cleaning calendar so that you always know that both accountability measures and rewards are on the way.a-clean-home-is-a-healthy-home-shot-of-a-woman-ho-2022-09-30-17-17-14-utc

Rewards during cleaning are also worth examining. This is where music, podcasts, and TV work wonders. Watch your favorite show while folding clothes or create a playlist just for decluttering. You'll be amazed by how fast the time goes by when you use small tricks to make cleaning fun.

It takes considerable effort to achieve a pristine home, but this doesn't have to be as time-consuming as you might expect. Develop a cleaning plan that works for you — and get ready to reap the rewards of a stunning home that you are excited to show off!

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