Tips to Avoid Tracking Dirt | Preventing Dirt in the Home

Ditch the Dirt: Clever Strategies to Avoid Tracking Dirt in Your Home  

You are proud of your gorgeous carpets and eager to keep them as pristine as possible. You make good use of your high-powered vacuum cleaner and your carpet shampooer and will continue to do so far into the future — but have you ever considered the power of prevention?

While your top tools, shampoos, and fresheners no doubt streamline the cleaning process, it'll go even faster if you set a few ground rules designed to limit mess. We're here to help; keep reading to learn how to keep dirt out of the house. 

Implement and Enforce a Strict No Shoes Policy

Avoid wearing your shoes in your home to prevent bringing dirt into your home.If your family members or guests regularly wear shoes within the home, you can fully expect that they will track in dirt and debris. They can play a huge role in keeping dirt out of the house.

Removing shoes from the equation is the number one step you can take to stop dirt from coming into the house. To begin, provide polite, but firm reminders that shoes are not to be worn in the home. This is where a mudroom can be incredibly valuable, as it provides a strong reminder of your expectations and an easy place to store footwear. 

Make It Easier to Remove Shoes

Your no-shoes policy will only help so much if people fail to follow it. Unfortunately, getting others on board can be surprisingly tricky, especially if they've grown accustomed to keeping their shoes on at all times.

If you find yourself constantly nagging your family members or roommates about their footwear habits, you may need to find creative ways to resolve their objections so that they are less resistant to the idea of removing their shoes inside.

Start a no shoes rule to stop others from tracking dirt into your house.Is comfort an impediment? Consider providing slippers or other solutions that visitors are encouraged to wear after they've removed their shoes. This is common practice in many cultures and could make a huge difference within your own home. A bench can also be helpful, as it makes shoes a bit less cumbersome to remove.

Don't worry if you lack a mudroom or storage space near your entryway. All you really need is a mat and a small shelf or basket in which visitors can place their shoes. 

Limit Access And Stick With Just One Door

The more places you allow guests to enter your home, the more ways they'll find to track in dirt. Instead, emphasize a single door or entryway. If needed, block off other areas or lock other doors so they no longer allow people to easily enter and exit your house.

While this particular space may require a considerable amount of cleaning (especially on rainy days), you can easily concentrate your efforts on this small area instead of needing to spread your daily cleaning regimen across the entire home. Then, even if you are unable to keep dirt out of the home or garage, you can limit the space that requires cleaning. 

Make the Most of Welcome MatsA welcome mat is a great way to prevent outside dirt and debris from entering your home.

Ideally, every exterior door should be complemented by a large, highly absorbent mat. This is most important for your main entryway, but mats should also be provided anywhere in which residents or guests could potentially enter your home. Don't forget to add mats in your garage — or near the entrance to your deck or patio. 

Keep Outdoor Surfaces Clean

A muddy sidewalk or debris-filled garage floor will almost certainly lead to dirt within your home. While you might not have time to keep outdoor surfaces completely spick and span, a little attention can make a world of difference. These spaces are especially worth cleaning in the immediate aftermath of storms or other mess-making circumstances, 

Create an Outdoor Pet Cleaning System

We love our pets, but they are also top culprits in dirty homes. You don't need to sacrifice your daily walk with Fido for the sake of your home, but you'll definitely want to remove dirt from your pet's paws before your four-legged friend heads inside.

This could be as simple as keeping a towel and a brush near your entryway or in your garage. Remember: a minute or two of simple grooming could save you half an hour (or more!) of cleaning later on. 

Clean Dirty Areas Quickly & Effectively

Unfortunately, some dirt is all but inevitable, especially if you share your home with kids or pets. While the strategies highlighted above will go a long way toward eliminating dirt from your home, you'll also want a game plan for when things eventually get messy.

A high-powered vacuum like the Kirby is great for vacuuming up tracked in dirt.A quick response is always preferable. This is best facilitated by keeping essential cleaning tools and materials near entryways, so those responsible for tracking dirt can also remove it.

A high-quality vacuuming system is crucial and, ideally, this will be within easy reach of your mudroom or other entry area. Don't forget clever attachments and strong cleaning solutions, which should make quick work of any dirt that enters your home.

There is something truly satisfying about consistently clean carpets, especially when they don't take hours of hard work to achieve. A few simple strategies will make a world of difference, so don't hesitate to build preventative measures into your routine.

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