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It’s a new season, which means it’s time to get your house back in order. You’re probably looking around, wondering how your house looks like a tornado equipped of paper, toys, dirty laundry and sports gear tore through.

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We all love the idea of a clean house, but when a full family lives in a home, cleaning up is constant. That’s where a productive cleaning routine and your Kirby system are essential. So, are you ready to tackle the mess your kiddos left when they got on the bus to school?

By dedicating a few minutes each day, cleaning your house can be convenient and easily fit into your busy schedule. Here are some tips for you to get back into a cleaning routine that works for you!

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  • Find out the right time to clean! Ask yourself (and your schedule), do you get more accomplished when you break up cleaning in small chunks of time throughout the day, or do you get more done all together? Once you’ve figured out your new schedule, figure out what weekly chores need to be done and what time works best for you each day!
  • Dedicate 5-10 minutes before your leave for work, and when you get home to complete daily tasks. (Set a timer so you aren’t late to leaving for work!) In other words, don’t bite off more than you can chew. The mess can be overwhelming, so start small. Start with wiping down the counters and bathrooms. Mundane tasks like these can make you feel accomplished right off the bat and set you up for a successful day! Once you’ve mastered 5-10 minutes, add one more minute. As tempting as pressing snooze sounds, you’ll thank yourself you got up earlier.
  • If you’re a stay at home parent, or have the day off, try completing tasks during nap time or when kids are playing by themselves. As easy as it is to want to watch one more episode of your juicy drama on Netflix, it will be there when you return from completing your tasks.
  • Get your kids involved! Luckily, your Kirby system has many attachments that are light weight and interchangeable with the hose. Find a few attachments to help you accomplish your cleaning routine that day, and have your kids, age 8+, help out with dusting or cleaning baseboards (with proper instruction and supervision of course)! Read our June blog to see what some of our favorite attachments are to help you get started.
  • Be consistent with your routine each week. Once you’ve figured out a good flow that works for you and your family, jot it down somewhere your family can all see! Make sure your kids know what they are responsible for. Consistency is key with adopting a cleaning routine, so make sure you stick with it and not only will your house remain clean but your productivity will also increase!

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It’s time to get your house back in order, and hopefully these tips will help you get there sooner rather than later! Let your Kirby system and genuine cleaning products help you along the way. If you don’t have a Kirby system yet, schedule a demo today to see the Kirby Avalir 2 Home Cleaning System in action! Don’t forget to shop online for genuine cleaning product to make your house smell as good as it looks!

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