Keep Your Home Organized | Purging and Tidying Tips

Now that January has come and gone, it’s time to keep the cleaning momentum up! If you read our January blog about establishing an obtainable cleaning routine that works for your household, it’s time for phase two: Simplify and tidying up your home! A bit of purging and organization is always useful because getting rid of outdated, or damaged items we tend to keep tucked away in drawers isn’t only necessary, but therapeutic! I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed with the amount of things I have everywhere and doesn’t take the time to purge as necessary, so this blog is here to guide you on how to do that. Simplifying and organizing your household items is beneficial for everyone in the house. Not only does it minimize the items you have to look for or clean up after, but it gives your home more space and everyone in your house a sense of what you do have! And if you haven’t already binged watched “Tidying Up with Maria Kondo,” on Netflix, it will show you that you aren’t alone and that it can be done with some preparation and guidance. When I simplified my home last month, it was easiest for me to make a list of each room I wanted to sort through. I started with what I thought was the easiest room because I knew A) it wouldn’t take long to sort through, and B) I was able to cross something off my list quickly, which made me feel accomplished right away. Who doesn’t like to cross an item off their list?! After I chose which room I wanted to start with, I put everything in that room in a pile and went through each item one-by-one. A good rule of thumb I used was If I hadn’t used it in at least six months, or forgot I even had the item, it went in the “purge” pile. If it was something I used regularly, or had a huge sentimental value, it went in the “keep” pile. You’ll be amazed at how many items you didn’t realize you had that you don’t need. Also, make sure to do this project with your spouse. It can be a daunting enough task as it is, so having your spouse to help you will lighten the load, can be a bonding experience, and it will help you make those tough decisions on items you’re unsure about. Here is a recommended list to help get you started:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Master bedroom
  • Bathrooms
  • Linen closets
  • Kids bedrooms (recommend going through toys with your kids to gain a better sense of what they play with and what they don’t)
  • Basement
  • Garage

Purging takes time, so don’t rush it. Try accomplishing one room per week. Give yourself a reasonable deadline to complete each room, that way you have time to give enough thought to certain items, but you also must decide by deadline. Make your deadline non-negotiable. So, what should you do with your purge pile? While you may need to toss some of them in the trash due to damages/age, always remember your trash may be someone else’s treasure! This is a great opportunity to make some extra money. Have a garage sale or sell your items online. Donating is also a wonderful option. Make sure you re-organize the items you chose to keep. This journey isn’t only about purging but gives you the opportunity to tidy up your home in a way that is more manageable for your entire family. The goal is here is to know where everything is at so useful items don’t get lost or forgotten about (again!). Happy tidying!

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