The Importance of Frequently Changing Your Vacuum Filter Bags

Top vacuums are available in distinctive bagged and bagless designs. Both offer noteworthy benefits, as well as a few minor drawbacks. With bagged vacuums, a commonly cited disadvantage is the hassle of changing bags, which can be messy and time-consuming.

It's tempting to ignore these bags, but the cost can be considerable: damage to your vacuum, the earlier need for repairs or replacements, and limited cleaning power.

Still skeptical that you need to up your game with changing vacuum filter bags? Keep reading to learn why this simple maintenance task is so important – and to discover how often you should change vacuum bags based on your lifestyle.

What Happens If I Fail to Change Vacuum Filter Bags?

Vacuum filter updates are a core part of general vacuum maintenance, so regular swaps should not be skipped. This simple task is way more important than you might have anticipated. Neglect your vacuum filter bags, and you'll swiftly lose suction power. This, in turn, places unnecessary strain on your vacuum's motor. Eventually, your vacuum will become a lot more difficult to maneuver, not to mention less effective at cleaning your rugs, carpeting, or other surfaces.

How Often Do I Need to Change Vacuum Filter Bags?

Most people recognize the value of changing vacuum filters, but that doesn't always translate to action. It's common to go up to a full year without addressing the filter bags, but this is never ideal. A lot depends on how often you vacuum and the quality of your vacuum cleaner.

If you don't have pets and generally don't need to vacuum very often, you probably only need to change the filter bag once every three months. This timeline is most common among people with limited carpeting, who may only vacuum once a week or even less often.

The above situation is not representative of most users, however. It's far more common to deal with pets, children, or large expanses of carpet – all of which prompt the need to vacuum more frequently. Filter bags will naturally need to be dealt with more often in such situations. At a minimum, aim for every other month. However, if you use your vacuum most days, a new filter bag every month is your best bet.

How Quickly Will I Observe Benefits After Changing Vacuum Filter Bags?

At the outset, your motivation to adjust your vacuum filter bags may be minimal. However, pay attention to its performance before and after this swap, and you may be inclined to change it sooner next time. Suddenly, your vacuum will be more effective at keeping airborne particles out of your home. Once you know how often to change vacuum bags, you may notice that you're less vulnerable to allergens.

Other benefits will appear later on. For example, knowing when to change your vacuum bags will leave you more inclined to complete essential maintenance tasks. And you'll eventually observe minor wear and tear on your vacuum cleaner. You'll be amazed by how many years – even decades – of use you can get out of your vacuum when you give it the care and attention it deserves.

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