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Kirby holds a strong reputation as one of the most dependable vacuum cleaners available. While much of its appeal stems from its deep cleaning magic and durable build, the vacuum is also favored for its abundance of accessories and attachments, making it easier to clean a variety of difficult-to-reach spaces.

If you're not familiar with Kirby's attachments, they may seem complicated to implement or use. But with a bit of guidance and practice, you can master these handy tools and incorporate them into your cleaning regimen. Keep reading to learn how to use Kirby vacuum attachments: 

Unplug the Vacuum

Before using attachments on a Kirby vacuum, check that it is unplugged and that the power button is turned off. Safety is key — and failing to use simple protective practices could place you at risk. 

Attach the Hose

Most Kirby attachments utilize the hose, making it possible to reach every nook and cranny. This can make the difference between a mediocre cleaning regimen and a pristine space.

To attach the hose to the front of the Kirby unit, the power nozzle head will first need to be removed. Lift up the headlight hood and remove the power nozzle head by turning the belt lifter handle counter-clockwise.

The same process used to attach the power nozzle head to the unit can be used to attach the hose. Place the hooks of the hose over the attaching bar at the front of the unit, and then lock it into place. 

Take Advantage of Different Hose Attachments

There are several different hose attachments available for Kirby vacuums — each with its own special uses around the house. They can all be attached to the hose with a simple push and slight twist.

A variety of Kirby vacuum attachments can be helpful in various situations, but most users agree that the most valuable include the following: 

Extension Tubes

Because we know it’s hard to reach those high and hard-to-reach spaces, we’ve made it possible to attach up to two extension tubes. This is perfect for cleaning tall drapes, around dusty ceiling corners, and underneath long coffee or end tables. 

Duster Brush

Hardwood furniture, bookshelves, or other dusty items around the house can be cleaned using the duster brush. Simple and effective, this has long been one of the most trusted Kirby attachments. 

Upholstery Nozzle

This attachment is perfect for the inside of the car, where drivers rely on it for dealing with tough-to-clean upholstery. It's also an excellent option for couches, steps, and upholstered furniture. 

Crevice Tool

Suck up everything between the couch cushions — or reach tricky areas — with the crevice tool. The uniquely flexible nature of this tool makes it a breeze to clean every inch that might otherwise be missed.

Use the Kirby as a Blower or Inflator

Not only can a Kirby vacuum suck up many kinds of debris, but it can also be used to clean surfaces by blowing air. This can be a surprisingly effective method for inflating things like air mattresses and even cleaning out computer keyboards.

Converting the Kirby into a blower is simple. Start by removing the power nozzle and replacing it with the air intake guard. Attach the guard to the unit as you would when attaching the power nozzle.

The next step? Removing the outer bag. After all, there's no need for it since nothing will be sucked into the bag. Finally, connect the attachment hose to the air exhaust port. Simply line up the arrows and twist the attachment hose into place. 

Use the Portable Sprayer and Portable Shampooer Attachments

Once the Kirby is set up as a blower, it can utilize the power of two handy attachments: the portable sprayer and the portable shampooer. Both accessories connect to the attachment hose in the same manner as the usual Kirby attachments.

Removing Kirby Attachments

Once the cleaning job is complete, each attachment can be removed with a simple twist and pull. Be sure to store all Kirby attachments in the same place, so they don't go missing the next time they are needed. 

Master The Art of Using Kirby Attachments

It may take a little trial and error, but you'll quickly find that Kirby attachments are easy to use. These can make a world of difference when cleaning, so don't hesitate to use them to their full potential.

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