Benefits of Buying an American-Made Vacuum Cleaner

It would be an understatement to describe the modern vacuum cleaner market as vast. These days, vacuums come in all shapes and sizes — and they're produced all around the world. Excellent vacuums are assembled in a variety of locations, but there's something to be said for strictly purchasing American-made models.

Skeptical about the superiority of vacuums manufactured in the United States? To demonstrate why this approach is so valuable, we've highlighted several key advantages to purchasing American-made vacuum cleaners. Here we’ll also identify the best brands and models for vacuum cleaners made in the USA.

Why Invest in an American-Made Vacuum Cleaner?

With so many vacuum cleaners on the market, you might wonder, “What's so different about models manufactured in the USA?” A lot depends on the specific brand you select, but there are a few general benefits worth considering. 

Buying Domestically-Produced Products Is Better for the Environment

If you like the idea of eco-friendly vacuuming, buying American-made is the way to go. Shipping can be incredibly energy-intensive, especially if different components are produced (and assembled) in other countries.

With American-made vacuums, the process will ideally be limited to a few select factories located in the United States. From there, components can be more easily shipped to the factories in which the vacuums are assembled. These, in turn, have little distance to cover before they reach your local distribution center or retail store.

Stimulating the Local Economy

American factories provide excellent jobs for hardworking employees. By purchasing vacuums built by local workers, you’re supporting your own economy and the American workforce. This can make a world of a difference for communities and individuals that rely on factory jobs. Many other professionals also benefit from local purchases, including salespeople, process engineers, human resources managers, and more.

Peace of Mind

Your vacuum represents a huge investment that can have a discernible impact on your cleaning regimen and your general quality of life. If you want to make the most of this purchase, it helps to know where, exactly, your chosen model was manufactured.

When products and their components are heavily outsourced, you can never feel fully confident in the origins – or long-term functionality – of your vacuum. The peace of mind you get from investing in a trusted American brand can go a long way.

Top Brands that Sell Vacuum Cleaners Made in the USA

Many brands produce at least some of their vacuums in the USA, but beware: some companies only manufacture select models locally. Others commit to assembling products in the U.S. – but they source materials and components from all over the world.

Because there are few guarantees in today's global vacuum market, you'll need to do your homework to determine which specific models (and components) are made in the U.S. Otherwise, it's worth your while to stick with brands that exclusively provide American-made products.

As you search for American-made vacuums, you'll probably encounter a few of these brand names, some of which are top producers of vacuums made in the USA. 


Many brands were founded and manufactured in the U.S. but have since merged with larger corporations and/or sent manufacturing overseas. Hoover emphasizes American manufacturing in its marketing materials. Its Tennessee factory, in particular, is highlighted as a top example of doing business locally. Look closer, however, and it becomes clear that the fine print matters.

While some products are indeed assembled in the USA, they're often made with global components, many of which come from China. Yes, Hoover vacuums provide some of the previously mentioned advantages of buying local, but the company definitely doesn't go as far to support the U.S. economy as many of its competitors.

Riccar and Simplicity

Offering a wide variety of models (ranging from uprights to canisters and even handhelds), Riccar and Simplicity are trusted names under the overarching Tacony Corporation. While Tacony previously relied on outsourcing, the company changed course, bringing jobs to St. James in Missouri.

Several lightweight options are available, making Riccar a preferred option for those who prefer to use the most easily maneuverable vacuums possible. These tend to be limited in scope as compared to vacuums from similar retailer Kirby, but select models (such as the Tandem Air Premium Pet R40P.6) provide a variety of accessories to clean numerous materials and locations.

Kirby: The Best American-Made Vacuum Cleaners on the Market

Based in Cleveland, Kirby is the epitome of an elite American manufacturer. Every Kirby vacuum is hand-crafted in the United States. The brand's "Made in the USA" badge remains one of its biggest claims to fame, especially as so many previously American-based companies turn to outsourcing.

Kirby is known for producing exceptionally durable vacuums that stand the test of time. Not only are they ideal for cleaning rugs and carpeting, but these systems also work wonders for tile and hardwood. This is an ideal option if you prefer upright vacuum cleaners made in the USA.

Why American-Made Kirby Vacuums Are Worth the Investment

As you research various American-made vacuums, be sure to take a close look at Kirby. As a trusted manufacturer, we’re your source for American-made vacuums. But there's more to Kirby vacuum cleaners than American production alone.

Yes, there is an upfront investment involved, but remember: you get what you pay for. Kirby delivers peace of mind – so it's worth every penny. The following are just a few of the many advantages that Kirby provides in addition to high-level vacuum cleaners.

HEPA Filtration

Not all vacuums are effective for removing allergens from your home. HEPA filtration is essential for providing the deep clean you need. Unfortunately, some brands only provide access to HEPA filters as optional accessories, while others don't have this type of filtration at all.

This is a key benefit of the Kirby Avalir 2, which can dramatically reduce household dust and pollen. Capable of trapping an impressive 99.7 percent of particles, the vacuum is especially noteworthy for its tight seals, which are often lacking for HEPA-equipped competitors.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Kirby vacuums are amazing for cleaning carpeting, but that's just the beginning. These versatile machines can tackle a variety of surfaces in your home and in your car. An array of sophisticated attachments make it easy to handle upholstery and vehicle interiors, while Kirby's shampooing system promises to do away with stubborn stains.

As mentioned previously, Kirby vacuums can even deliver a deep clean for tile and hardwood floors. Few competing vacuums come close to matching this amazing level of versatility.

Lifetime Rebuild Program

Peace of mind is a key advantage of the Kirby approach. These vacuums are notoriously durable, in part due to their American construction.

Beyond this, however, is the promise of achieving "like new" condition years or even decades after you invest in a Kirby vacuum. This is made possible by the Kirby Lifetime Rebuild Program, in which everything from sandblasting to internal inspections keeps your Kirby looking and operating properly.

Discover the Advantages of Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Made in the USA

If you like the idea of purchasing an American-made vacuum, you are a perfect candidate for the Kirby cleaning system. You'll take pride in knowing that you've supported U.S. employees and limited your carbon footprint.

There's no beating the peace of mind that an American-made vacuum from Kirby can provide. Discover for yourself why this brand is so trusted by discerning American consumers.

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